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Privacy Policy

At Valiant Air Command Inc., located at 6600 Tico Road Titusville, Florida 32780, we believe that your personal information deserves protection. We are committed in respecting your privacy. While you can visit without providing any personal information, you must provide your personal information if you wish to make a purchase online though this website. When you become a customer of Valiant Air Command Inc. and or place an order, we collect personal information about you including your credit card number, email address, shipping address, billing address and telephone number. This allows us to process your order correctly. This personal information is necessary to process your order. We will never distribute or sell any of your personal information to any unrelated third party for any reason. On our website, any information collected is used only by Valiant Air Command Inc.

Only authorized Valiant Air Command Inc. employees use information that is collected by for internal purposes to process your order simply and easily to help you obtain your purchase in a quick and efficient manner.


In some cases, Valiant Air Command Inc. may disclose your personal information but only if you are making an online purchase through the Valiant Air Command Inc. website. In order to process your online order Valiant Air Command Inc. must disclose some of your personal information to certain service providers such as your credit card issuer and the delivery service. Before personal information is disclosed, the service provider will agree with the Valiant Air Command Inc. privacy policy for the protection of your personal information. If you do not wish the Valiant Air Command Inc. to provide your personal information to those service providers, you may not use this website for online purchases.


Tickets, Donations and Membership:

Final Sale- no refunds, exchanges or rain checks.


Employment Policy:

  • The Valiant Air Command is an equal opportunity employer. No person is unlawfully excluded from consideration for employment because of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, veteran status, martial status or physical challenges.

  • The policy applies not only to recruitment and hiring practices, but also includes affirmative action in the area of placement, promotion, transfer, rate of pay and termination.

  • Executive, management and supervisory levels have the responsibility to further the implementation of this policy and ensure conformance by subordinates.

  • Any Valiant Air Command employee who engages in discrimination will be subject to suspension or termination.

  • Any supervisory or managerial employee who knows of such behavior and fails to take immediate and appropriate corrective action will also be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Any individual who is the target of discrimination is encouraged to discuss the matter with the Department Director.

  • Any individual who feels such a discussion would be or has been futile, unsatisfactory or counterproductive should contact the Personnel Director.

  • A member of the Personnel Director’s staff will be designated to investigate the claim.

  • The accused individual may be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

  • Retaliation against claimants will not be tolerated.

Valiant Air Command is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to you and all other persons without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, citizenship status, age, veteran status or disability.

Furthermore, we will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment of our employees by co-workers, supervisors, customers, or vendors. This commitment extends to our policies on recruiting, advertising, hiring, placement, promotion, training, transfer, wages, benefits, termination and all other privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

Thank you,

Valiant Air Command, Inc.

6600 Tico Rd

Titusville, Florida 32780

(321) 268-1941


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