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The Valiant Air Command facilities are available for rental and special events. We have hosted everything from fundraisers, corporate meetings, family celebrations, and weddings.

To speak to someone directly regarding our event space, please call 321-351-4047

Upcoming Events

Don't miss a moment of excitement! If you're eager to stay in the loop with our upcoming events, we've made it super simple for you. Just give the button below a quick click to ensure you're front and center for every announcement and update. Your next great experience is just a click away—join our vibrant community of event-goers today!

Previous Events

Explore the Captured Moments at Our Museum! Dive into our curated gallery featuring a selection of photographs from our past events, showcasing the vibrant life and cultural richness that fills our museum. Please note, this collection represents just a small fraction of the many moments we've captured during our public events, carefully chosen for their ability to be shared with our audience. We invite you to experience the joy, learning, and community spirit that these photographs embody. Join us in revisiting these memorable occasions and get inspired to be part of our future events!



Embark on a timeless journey as you tie the knot amidst awe-inspiring vintage aircraft and rich aviation history. Our unique venue, nestled in the heart of Titusville, Florida, provides an extraordinary backdrop for your special day, offering a blend of romance, adventure, and nostalgic charm. With versatile spaces, from spacious hangars to scenic outdoor areas, your celebration will truly soar into an unforgettable experience. Elevate your love and let your story take flight with us!

Conference Meeting

Corporate Events

Elevate your events at Valiant Air Command, where corporate gatherings take flight amidst awe-inspiring aviation history. Our unique, versatile spaces, set against a backdrop of vintage aircraft, promise an unparalleled experience. Let the spirit of pioneers inspire your meetings, and launch your endeavors sky-high in a venue where history and the future converge seamlessly.​

Meeting at the office


Salute to unity and shared histories at your military reunion at Valiant Air Command, where memories of valor echo through time. Gather your comrades amidst a breathtaking array of historic aircraft, fostering a poignant backdrop to reflect, reminisce, and rekindle bonds forged in service. Let’s honor your stories of bravery and brotherhood in a venue steeped in rich aviation heritage, creating a new chapter of memories in the hallowed halls of servicemen past and present.

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